Get the Right Band for Your UK Wedding

As an engaged couple looking to get married, it’s important that you start your life of wedded bliss on the right note. One of the most important things to consider for your big day is entertainment. Nobody wants their wedding guests to sit in stony silence right the way through the wedding reception or evening do. You want professional singers and musicians with years of experience on the circuit to get your wedding party swinging, rocking, or whatever other genre takes your fancy.

Here at Shindig Collective, we have a huge roster of musical acts ready and waiting to perform for you on the most important day of your life. All of our musicians are experienced professionals who will make sure everyone has the time of their lives. We handle all the admin with the band and the venue; all you need to do is book one of our acts, and we’ll deal with everything else.

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Common Problems Getting a Band for Your Wedding

While you might think hiring a band to perform at your wedding is easy enough, you’d be surprised at how many potential pitfalls you might encounter along the way. These are some of the most common issues our customers have when looking for the right wedding entertainment:

Finding Reliable Artists

In a world where anybody can knock up their own Facebook page, Instagram account, or website, it can be hard to work out if you’re hiring a professional artist or a bedroom musician. By the time they show up to perform at your wedding, it’s too late. You might not know which reviews to trust or the kinds of questions to ask to weed out the chancers. Even finding out if the band has the right audio equipment to deliver a quality gig can be difficult if you don’t know the specifications. You need a local agency with a hand-picked roster of professional musicians and singers.

Venue and Band Requirements

Not all venues are able to host live music, whether because of technical limitations, local noise restrictions, or issues with their insurance provider. Likewise, some bands have specific requirements for their act and equipment that not every venue can accommodate. Going back and forth between venue and band before you even book them can be a nightmare.

Getting What You Paid For

Not everyone in the music industry is a paragon of virtue. Some bands will promise you the earth and more just to ensure that they land the gig, but they aren’t in a position to deliver on those promises. If you’re dealing with them directly, instead of through an agent, you generally have little recourse if they don’t provide the service they said they would. Too often, it’s your word against theirs.

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What Can Shindig Collective Do For You

With our decades of combined experience in the world of private event entertainment, we have much to offer couples looking for professional wedding bands in the UK. These are just some of the ways we can help.

Huge Library of Artists

We have a massive roster of approved artists, and we have hand-picked and vetted each and every one of them. We make sure that they have the skill and talent to deliver an exceptional day or evening of music for your wedding, as well as the equipment and technical know-how to ensure a clear sound and a pleasing experience for you and your guests. We can help you choose the act with the right personality and musical range to suit your wedding, ensuring the perfect entertainment package.

We Handle the Admin

We act as the liaison between you, the band, and the venue, making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them on the big day. We will check any technical, insurance, or licence requirements the venue might have. We will also get the band to provide us with a proposed set list for you to amend or approve. We make sure that everyone has a clear plan of action for the wedding day itself, so that things run as smoothly as possible.

Band performs on stage
Band performs on stage in a nightclub

Get What You Paid For

We know that weddings are expensive and that nobody wants to feel that they are being fleeced of their hard-earned money. We only work with top-tier musical acts, vetting all of our artists before adding them to our booking list. We make sure they know what is planned for your wedding, down to the smallest detail, so that everything goes off without a hitch and you get the high level of service you deserve on your special day.

Get in touch

To get the ball rolling, browse our list of artists and put together a shortlist of your favorites. Send us an inquiry online and have a member of our team call you back to discuss the requirements for your perfect day.